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About TLM

U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James

Our Why

As a local family who has a long military history, we know the ropes, we have the memorable photos, and we know the sacrifices each family makes to support our military.

Every year, Think Local Military gives a $1 donation per product sale back to local and international organizations that support our troops. In the past, we have donated to TunnelToTowers.Org and we have supported a platoon through TroopAThon.

We look forward to joining forces with our military families!

Who we are

Thanking our service members is our primary mission.

If you have military family clients, need a “thank you for your service” gift or want to plan a fundraiser, we are here for you!

Since 2014, we’ve been thinking locally and supporting our local community and its businesses. Think Local Military is more than an e-commerce site, we are a military family who has crafted unique “With Love From Home” products.

We share encouraging military and patriotic photos as we support our military families. We take to heart the sacrifice of both your loved ones at the front lines and the ones holding down the home front.

At TLM we provide wholesale and fundraising options, unique service member products and care packages for military groups. We take the time to collaborate and share products from businesses who support our military servicemen and women.

Think Local for the Military (TLM)


As a military family, protecting and planning is a critical part of a family’s mission. Our founder, Kelly Sturmthal, has had the privilege of working with many military families through her estate and business planning law office.

Kelly understands as she too is a military wife and mom.

She provides a free consultation to discuss estate and business planning basics. Many active-duty spouses and veteran military families have big business ideas, too. Kelly provides the business tools and resources needed to strengthen local families, communities, and our economy. 

Contact us for a free phone consultation. 

Father and Baby Child

Let’s work together to thank those that serve!

With Gratitude from our founders

Kelly Sturmthal, Attorney, Military Wife and Military Mom

Lt. Col Jeff Sturmthal, USAF (Ret.) F-4, F-5, and F-16 pilot

C2C Alexander Sturmthal, US Air Force Academy

Nicholas Sturmthal, Aerospace Engineering graduate

In Memory of Col. Emil “Ted” Sturmthal, USAF Test Pilot , B-1 and XB70 (1929-1982)

In Memory of Jerry L. Hough, Army, private and reservist (1942-2011)